Air Personalities

If you've ever wondered what we look like.....

Program Director/ Morning Drive (6am - 9am)

Kelly Martinez

Hey gang! Glad to be with you in the mornings while you get ready for work, school, and your daily routine! I was born here in Pocatello, graduated from Pocatello High School, and attended Idaho State University. I love Southeast Idaho and hanging out with my awesome family. I enjoy hitting the gym, sports, sunsets, the Oregon Coast, and of course, MUSIC!!! Our community is amazing and I love helping any way I can. Thanks for listening and making KORR 104 your favorite station!

Air Staff - KORR 104 - Jason Bowers

Early Work Day
(9 am - 1pm)

Jason Bowers

I love pop culture, I've been filling my head with everything entertainment since I was a kid and I unleash it on the radio every day.  I also love electronics and gadgets (especially my TiVo and iPhone). Take me to an electronics superstore and I'll be your friend forever. I'm also a joy to have in class and love getting out to all the wide open spaces here in the West.


Air Staff KORR 104 - Blake Powers

(1pm - 5pm)

Blake Powers

I observe... live... and ponder life... while anxiously awaiting my next slice of pizza.  Home is where I enjoy wearing whatever has the most holes in it, and I've lived from San Jose to West Palm Beach, with many in between.  When not on the radio I'm watching TV (The IFC Channel, SyFy, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire), at the movies, fishing, looking for cool places to eat and saving for my next travel adventure. I love the West and all that Idaho and the Intermountain region offer.

Air Staff & Programs - KORR 104 - Awesome '80's Hour

Evenings M-F
(5pm - 6pm) 

Awesome '80's Hour  

Featuring Dj's David and Jon and your fix of all the great music from the land of Rubik's Cubes, giant permed hair-do's, leg warmers, Members Only jackets and more!

Air Staff KORR 104 - Bernie Mac

(6pm - 11 pm) 

Bernie Mack 

Bernie is a bit of a mystery.  We don't know where he was born... or if he has brothers or sisters.  We know he has a wife, Emilie, and two dogs, Howard and Kiwi.  The wife proves that girls will talk to him, well, at least one girl.  She's the only one on record.  His favorite food is sandwiches and his favorite member of the Spice Girls is Sporty.  And he watches a lot of TV.  An alarming amount, really. 

(11pm - 4am)

Chris Hatton

When I'm not on the late night shift, you might find me on the ice (lying down), in the fairway (hopefully) or in the gym (really?). I also do my fair share of hiking and biking, weather permitting of course. After 10 plus years, I still love entertaining people and I'm thankful every day that you give me that opportunity.

Crack of Dawn / Early AM
(4am - 6am)

Dave Otto

Ever since leaving my hometown of Minneapolis and breaking into radio at 19 in Catskill, N.Y., I have traversed the country from coast to coast creating havoc and leaving a trail of broken marriages.  I have received numerous citations over the years (mostly traffic) and the two awards that were actually related to radio were later taken back when it was discovered a bribe was involved.

I remain single because...well...if you were a woman, would you want to mess with all that baggage?